Identify high-value accounts when they visit your website

Salespanel tracks your leads in real-time and identifies high-value accounts based on the criteria you have set up. Prioritize these accounts and convert them when they are showing intent.

Identify high-value accounts when they visit your website

Create personalized buying experiences on scale

Create personalized experiences by showing tailored content when high-value accounts are on your website. With Salespanel, you can do this in real-time and on a scale that is needed for your business.

Notify sales about high-value accounts in real-time

Use Salespanel to notify your sales team when high-value accounts visit your website in real-time. Salespanel brings for your sales team all the data necessary to help them start the conversation while the leads are active on your website and showing intent.

Run Advertising and Retargeting Campaigns for High-Value Accounts

Transfer high-value accounts from Salespanel to advertising platforms like Linkedin to run targeted advertising and retargeting campaigns. Engage with your leads on multiple channels and gradually convert them.

Connect with other tools to complete your workflow

Salespanel integrates with all commonly used applications. Whether you want to send your ABM audience to Google Ads or send personalized email marketing campaigns through Mailchimp, Salespanel has got you covered. Complete your ABM workflow by using all of your favorite tools.

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