Get leads who book a call automatically pushed to your CRM

Salespanel can automatically push leads who book a demo call from your website directly to your CRM. It can also push leads who sign up through any forms on your website, visit from email marketing campaigns or message through live chat.

Automatically get deals created for qualified leads

Salespanel helps your marketing team qualify leads and automatically push MQLs to your sales pipeline. This would mean that you start every day with the valuable leads who are ready for your calls. Stop wasting time on bad leads and only talk to those who matter.

Find new sales opportunities

Salespanel identifies companies who visit your website but leave without converting and provides you their contact information. Get those who match your ideal customer profile directly in your CRM and run outreach campaigns to convert them.

Get all lead data directly in your CRM

Salespanel brings lead data to your CRM. This includes a lead’s business profile, firmographic, demographic and behavioral information. On your first glance at a contact, you will know who they are, where they found you and what they did on your website. Salespanel significantly reduces the time you spend on research.

Get lead score updated in real-time

A lead’s score keeps changing based on their behavior. Salespanel updates a lead’s score in your CRM when it changes. This helps you understand lead motivation in real-time and effectively create your strategy. Convert your leads into customers by pitching them at the right time and giving them the right offers.

Send Data Back to Marketing for Nurturing and Product-backed Marketing

Salespanel provides a two-way data sync solution that not only moves data from marketing to sales but also helps you send crucial information back to marketing. This information helps your marketing team in optimizing campaigns and showing relevant content which helps you close your deals faster.

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