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Salespanel integrates with MailChimp to help you track leads visiting from your email marketing campaigns as well as automatically export leads from your Salespanel account to your MailChimp account.

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is an “all-in-one marketing platform” primarily known for their email marketing solutions. It is commonly used to run email marketing campaigns to newsletter subscribers and website sign-ups. MailChimp currently has more than 20 million customers, making it one of the most commonly used email marketing tools for small and medium-sized businesses.

What can I do after integrating MailChimp with Salespanel?

Identify newsletter subscribers who are actively engaging with your website.
Track all leads who click on URLs in your email campaigns and visit your website.
Get business data of MailChimp subscribers who engage with your website.
Set up lead scoring and segmentation workflows to automatically bring out qualified subscribers.
Automatically Unsubscribe uninterested leads from your campaigns.
Create workflows to automatically send highly targeted email marketing campaigns to your inbound leads.
Automatically add inbound leads who are captured from your sign-up forms as subscribers on your MailChimp account.
Create reports and analyze the performance of marketing campaigns.
Align your marketing strategy with your buyers by leveraging intelligence data of your customers.

How to get started?

Tracking visitors from Mailchimp Campaigns

Activate Salespanel's Mailchimp integration using Mailchimp's API Key. Activate E-commerce link tracking while sending the Email Campaign and Salespanel will automatically capture the visiting lead from that Mailchimp campaign.

Transferring leads from your Salespanel account to your MailChimp account

With the integration, you will be able to transfer either all leads or only qualified leads to your MailChimp account to add them to relevant campaigns. For this, you will need a free Zapier account. Zapier can be easily set up in a few minutes without any hassle.

To set up the MailChimp integration, open the Workflow Automation settings from the Plugins & Integrations section and follow through the steps. You will have to choose between either Contacts Identified or Contacts qualified for a Segment. Choosing the former would mean that Salespanel would export all of your leads when they are captured from your website. Choosing the latter would only export leads when they qualify for your Segments. You can use the Contacts Qualified for a Feed to transfer leads who cross a lead scoring threshold, unsubscribe cold leads or run targeted email campaigns based on customer data.

Follow through the testing and review and click the + button and search for MailChimp. Once you select MailChimp, you will see these options.

Zapier triggers for MailChimp Zapier triggers for MailChimp

Select your desired Action and complete the setup. The most commonly used Action is Add/Update Subscriber. This Action adds leads from your Salespanel account as Subscribers on your MailChimp account.

Use our MailChimp integration to communicate better with your customers and automate your email marketing campaigns.

Test this integration free for 14 days.

Signup, activate this integration and start improving your sales cycle.

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I see that B2B marketing can be set to a next level with Salespanel. It is super easy and fast to take use and offers a great value for its price.

Wide integration possibilities makes it suitable for many kind of companies already working with other tools. Salespanel + pipedrive + MailChimp combination is our favorite and what we recommend to all of our customers who are looking flexible and efficient way to do their marketing and sales.One of the best software we signed up for.

Timo Veirto
Markkinoinnin Muurahainen Finland-based Marketing & Advertising Company

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