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Salespanel integrates with Moosend to help you track email engagements as part of the overall customer journey. By adding the Salespanel tracking code to your Moosend campaigns, you will be able to track clicks and activities from your email campaigns, segment and qualify leads with data points, and seamlessly integrate the data into the rest of your sales and marketing workflow.

What is Moosend?

Moosend is an all-in-one email marketing automation platform that allows you to manage your email campaigns, track performance, and increase conversions. With its powerful tools and user-friendly interface, Moosend enables businesses to create professional, personalized email marketing campaigns that engage their audience and drive growth.

What can you do after integrating Moosend with Salespanel?

Identify newsletter subscribers who actively engage with your website.
Track all leads who click on URLs in your email campaigns and visit your website.
Collect business data of Moosend subscribers who engage with your website.
Set up lead scoring and segmentation workflows to automatically qualify subscribers.
Automatically unsubscribe leads who are not interested in your campaigns.
Design workflows to send highly targeted email marketing campaigns to your inbound leads.
Automatically add inbound leads captured from your sign-up forms as subscribers on your Moosend account.
Generate detailed reports and analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns.
Align your marketing strategy with your buyers' behavior by leveraging intelligence data of your customers.

How to get started?

Tracking visitors from Moosend Campaigns

Begin by clicking on Moosend from the Email Marketing Tools on your dashboard and copying the tracking parameter. Add the tracking parameters to your URLs on Moosend and you are good to go!

Setting up custom workflows using Zapier

Zapier acts as a bridge between different applications, enabling them to communicate and share data effortlessly. By connecting Moosend and Salespanel through Zapier, users can create automated workflows that trigger actions based on specific events.

With this integration, you can trigger actions like sending an email campaign or adding or removing subscribers based on users taking specific actions on your website, getting added to a segment, or passing a lead scoring threshold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I integrate my Moosend account with Salespanel?

To track leads from your email campaigns, simply copy the tracking template from your dashboard and add them to your Moosend URLs.

For workflow automation, set up the integration using Zapier.

Q. What is the benefit of integrating Moosend with Salespanel?

The integration of Moosend and Salespanel allows you to identify newsletter subscribers who engage with your website, track leads who click on your email campaign URLs, set up lead scoring and segmentation workflows, and much more.

Q. Will integrating Moosend affect my existing email campaigns?

No, integrating Moosend with Salespanel won't affect your existing email campaigns.

Q. Can I track individual lead behavior using this integration?

Absolutely, with this integration, you can track individual lead behaviors and their interaction with your website. This enables better targeting and personalization of your marketing efforts.

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Salespanel is the perfect tool for smaller marketing organizations that don’t have internal resources to build up their own data warehouse. It’s also vital for understanding what’s happening before someone becomes a lead when they talk to your sales team or even outside your CRM system.

I can only recommend it. We really like working with Salespanel and are proud to be one of your partners.

Florian Frese
Florian Frese
Marketing Lead Container xChange

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