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We understand that your Salespanel data needs to be moved to different platforms to serve different purposes. From email marketing tools to CRMs, every part of your sales and marketing process can benefit from Salespanel data. This is why we have chosen to integrate Salespanel with Zapier.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an integration solution that can connect Salespanel with over 1500 web applications. You can send leads and their data from Salespanel to any supported platform using Zapier. You can also create workflows like adding qualified leads to CRM or sending email drips to low touch leads using our Zapier integration. Almost all major web apps support Zapier.

What can you do with Salespanel’s Zapier integration?

The automation possibilities are endless. Here are a few examples:

  • Get alerted on your team collaboration messenger like Slack.
  • Get leads added to sales pipeline when they cross the lead score requirement.
  • Segment leads and add to different drip campaigns based on characteristics.
  • Add leads to newsletter tools like Mailchimp.
  • Send sales-ready leads to CRM like Salesforce.

How to get started?

To get started, open the Workflow Automation settings from the Plugins & Integrations section inside your Salespanel dashboard. You will see an option to start the Zapier integration. You can also directly visit this link.

If you don’t already have a Zapier account, you will be prompted to create one.

On the next step, you will be asked to select a trigger option. You will have to decide when you want the action to be performed. The options are:

Contact Identified: This trigger option gets activated when a lead is captured by Salespanel. Leads are captured from your lead forms, sales emails, live chat and newsletters in real-time. If you want to execute an action after a lead is captured, you should select this trigger option.
Contact is Qualified for a Feed: On Salespanel, you can qualify or filter out leads using a segmentation module called Feeds. For example, you can set up a feed to filter out leads who are from the United States and have visited the Pricing page. This trigger will be activated when a lead is qualified for the chosen Feed. You can create multiple Feeds on your Salespanel account.
Visiting Company Identified: This trigger gets activated when a company visiting your website gets identified. Salespanel uses reverse DNS tracking to identify companies who visit your website but leave without providing contact information. Capture these opportunities and send them to your other sales and marketing tools.
Lead Score: On Salespanel, you create advanced lead scoring workflows to score leads based on profile and behavioral data. With this trigger, you can create an automation to transfer leads who have received the desired scores. For example, you can create a trigger to add leads with scores above 100 to your sales pipeline.

Note: The Lead Score action is not provided separately. You will need to create a Feed where you specify the lead scoring requirement and it will get triggered as intended. When a lead’s score changes, it will be updated on the recipient application.

Transferring the data

Now that you have selected your trigger option, you will need to choose where you want the data to be sent to. To check if your tool is supported, all you need to do is search for your tool in the Action step. For example, if you want to send the data to Zoho, search for Zoho in the search bar. Once you have selected it, the options will be shown to you. For Zoho, these are the options:

Zapier triggers for Mailchimp Zapier triggers for Salespanel

Select the desired action and complete the setup. The next time a desired trigger is activated, leads will be transferred to your application of choice. With the Zapier integration, Salespanel will be able to connect with all applications your business uses to create a seamless process. You can create multiple automation workflows according to your requirements.

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Using Zapier and Salespanel, marketers can transfer data and lead intelligence to any sales workspace and create workflows for marketing qualified leads.

Andrew Edelman
Andrew Edelman
Head of Strategic Alliances Zapier

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