Salespanel integrates with Zoho CRM to help you sync leads and contacts and their data to your CRM. With workflow automation, you can use our Zoho CRM integration to automatically send MQLs to your CRM in real-time for effective alignment.

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is a sales focused customer relationship management software that specializes in lead and customer management. It has over 150,000 users over 180 countries, making it one of the most commonly used CRMs in the world. Zoho CRM is suitable for all types of businesses ranging from small businesses to large enterprises.

What can I do after integrating Zoho CRM with Salespanel?

Send all contacts captured from webforms and live chat to your CRM.
Send leads who visit your website from automated outreach campaigns to your CRM.
Track manual outreach campaigns from Gmail or Outlook and send data to CRM.
Update existing leads or contacts on your CRM with Salespanel data.
Automatically export marketing qualified leads to CRM.
Update lead score on leads or contacts in real-time.

How do I get started with Zoho CRM integration?

Zoho CRM can be integrated with Salespanel using a Zapier premium plan (starting at $19.99 per month). Open Workflow Automation settings from the Plugins & Integrations section on your Salespanel dashboard and follow through the Zapier setup process. If you don’t already have a Zapier account, you will need to create one. Creating your Zapier account is a really easy process that can be completed in minutes.

For this integration, two Salespanel trigger options can be used:

Contact Identified: Use this option to export all individual leads from your Salespanel account when they are captured.

Contact is Qualified for a Feed: Use this option to export leads qualified based on segments and lead score to your CRM. For example, if you set up a lead scoring module on Salespanel that rewards scores based on firmographic data and customer behavior and set up a feed to filter out leads when they cross the score of 100, Salespanel will automatically export leads to your CRM when leads cross the score of 100.

After you select your trigger option and complete the rest of the steps, you will need to press the + button and choose the recipient application (Zoho CRM).

These Actions are available for Zoho CRM:

Create Lead: This action creates a lead on your CRM. On Zoho CRM, a ‘lead’ is someone who is not in communication with you. This option is ideal for exporting prospects from your email outreach campaigns.

Create Contact: This action creates a contact on your CRM. On Zoho CRM, a ‘contact’ is someone who is already engaging with you and has shown interest. You can use this option to export leads who fill out a form on your website or message you through live chat. You can also use this option to only export marketing qualified leads.

Update Lead and Update Contact: Use these two options to update leads or contacts on your Zoho account with Salespanel data like firmographic information, lead score, etc.

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