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Identity Crisis in Product Marketing And Adapting To Different Roles


Mitali Shetty from 6sense

Saas Companies Going from 0 to 1 in Product-Led Growth
Saas Companies Going from 0 to 1 in Product-Led Growth

A product marketer’s role is crucial as they serve as a bridge between product and marketing. And, it differs greatly from company to company. How do the PMMs manage their day-to-day tasks and keep various aspects of Product Marketing Management aligned?

Mitali Shetty, Senior Product Marketing Manager at 6sense, joins us for the inaugural episode of the Knowledge Nuggets & Playbooks series. Having started her career as a content developer almost a decade ago, Mitali found her calling in Product Marketing Management as she grew in the role at multiple organizations such as Searce Inc, UpsideLMS, Slintel, and now at 6sense.

Mitali specializes in Product Positioning, Use Case Articulation, Videos (Product, Explainer, Social Media), Sales/ Demand Enablement, GTM Strategy, Content Design & Strategy among many other things.

Key Discussions:
  • Day-to-day operations of a Product Marketing Manager
  • Creating Product Marketing Content that aligns with Product Positioning
  • Developing storytelling-focused Product Marketing Content
  • Producing read-worthy Newsletters
  • Including Product Advocacy in Content Marketing Plan

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