Aggregate your sales and marketing. Actively learn lead's intent from emails, newsletters and landing pages.

Email Tracking

Email tracking helps you know in real-time when a prospect opens your email. Salespanel takes it one step further and presents you with lead's web activity. Do you hate the long silence after you have sent the proposal? Do you want to determine exactly what a prospect is looking for? This simple workflow can boost up efficiency of your sales outbound.

  • Seamlessly track email opens with our Chrome extension
  • Receive email open alerts from leads
  • Power up sales outbound with intelligence.
  • Works with Gmail and Outlook.
  • Works with multiple Gmail emails.
  • Unlimited email tracking

Web Tracking

Your website is the most important medium for your customers to understand your business and offerings. Imagine if you could capture and identify your leads as soon as they engage on your website. Imagine if you could understand their intent based on their web activity and personalise your communication to them based on their interest. And finally, what if it is also possible for anonymous sessions.

Salespanel helps you find these opportunities by tracking a lead's activity when they land on your website. It works with your email tool and newsletter software so that you can connect your sales bound and lead nurturing with salespanel's intelligence. You don't need to write any extra code to inject your leads to the CRM.

  • Less than 5 minute installation.
  • Works with Wordpress, Shopify, Drupal, Magento and custom websites
  • Multiple domain support
  • GDPR Ready
  • Works with multiple Gmail emails.

Lead Aggregation

Salespanel monitors all of your lead’s activities in real-time and logs them on your dashboard. It doesn't take more than 5 minutes to setup on your website and it starts tracking leads on all of your webforms, leads that land on your website from your email campaigns and important leads who are just taking their time to close the deal. This aggregation helps you to live inside your sales channel. You can react to their intent in real-time.

  • Aggregate from sales outbound
  • Aggregate from email campaign tools
  • Aggregates inbound leads
  • Aggregates anonymous leads
  • Aggregates from website activity
  • Lead dashboard with real-time activity updates

Anonymous Sessions

Salespanel treats an anonymous session same way as an identified session. So you can apply same filters and workflow on these hidden opportunities. Salespanel makes it easy for you to identify them.

  • Track web page activity of anonymous sessions
  • Receive alerts when session is identified

Newsletter Tracking

Salespanel integrates with all major email campaign tools to aggregate leads. Without changing existing choice of contact nurturing tools, make sales and marketing collaboration easier. Because newsletter opens don't mean anything in terms of actually selling. Your objective could be filtering leads with buying intent by bringing and tracking them on a relevant landing pages. Salespanel never lets you miss that opportunity.

  • Seamless integration with all major email campaign tools
  • Receive alerts when a lead converts from a newsletter campaign
  • Works independently from your choice of email campaign tools

Lead Activity Alerts

Live inside your sales channel. Salespanel literally means it. Throughout your day, never let a hot opportunity go. Act with great timing when your lead is actually thinking about your offer.

  • Receive email open alerts
  • Receive form fill alerts
  • Receive lead's activity alert
  • Get notified when an anonymous session is identified
  • Get notified when a cold lead turns sales-ready

Lead Temperatures

Salespanel helps you to prioritise your leads by means of lead temperature. If a lead shows the hot temperature, it means he has engaged in the sales channel with an urgency and is more likely to be sales-ready. Lead temperature keeps changing depending on the last time they were active. Smart internal lead scoring decides lead temperature for you and alerts you when a lead temperature becomes hot. Lead temperature helps you determine the right time to pursue the lead. Do you have a manual workflow to score leads? No worries it can be accommodated with our intelligent algorithm. Please contact us to know more.

  • Lead temperature directly represents how much a lead is sales-ready
  • Never miss most active leads
  • Leads are sortable by activity
  • Hot, warm, cold and neutral temperatures
  • Lead temperatures are calculated in real-time

Lead Intelligence

Ideal customer profiles are your best opportunities. They come from your best selling channel. They have completed the journey to have enough motivation to buy your product. Salespanel helps you track down these ICPs from all your inbound leads. Forget about guessing who is the person behind an email. Give a face, a name, a bio and a company profile to an email. Mark and identify if they are your ideal customers. Salespanel learns your ICP attributes and helps you find more opportunities. Find out what they are up to in social channels and personalise your conversational opener.

  • Lead's identity from email
  • Lead's company information
  • Lead's social profile information to help you in social selling

CRM Integration

Push your contacts to your choice of CRM. Sync their web activities, lead temperature, activity summary to the CRM. One click installation.

Salespanel works hand-in-hand with Pipedrive. We are working with more integrations. Do you have a particular CRM tool in mind? We would love to discuss it, schedule a quick 20 minute call.

  • Pipedrive marketplace app. One click installation in your Pipedrive CRM

Streamline your sales

Streamline your sales workflow today by getting better grip on lead's activities in your sales channel. Identify your ICP and multiply opportunities.

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