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Why should I track visitors on my website?

Your website is the most important medium for your customers to understand your business and offerings. Not all leads who visit your website purchase in their first session. It is important to identify these leads and qualify them. Once you understand a lead’s intent by looking at their activities, closing the sale becomes a lot easier.

How many opportunities are being missed?

More than 90% of website visitors don’t sign up or fill out a webform. If you receive 1000 sessions on your website in a month, you are most likely missing 50 leads per month...! Salespanel identifies these visiting companies on your website and helps you track opportunities you have always been missing. We are GDPR ready.

Track identified users and get their profile information

Salespanel automatically captures leads who engage with your website, emails or newsletters and tracks their activities. Salespanel helps you identifying the person behind an email by providing you their social media profiles, bio, company details etc.

Track activities of anonymous visitors

Salespanel treats an anonymous visitor the same way it treats an identified user. Track what anonymous visitors do on your website to determine if they belong to your Ideal Customer Profile. Salespanel sends you an alert when an anonymous lead is identified.

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Get details of companies who visit your website

On average, more than 90% of website visitors don’t sign up or fill out a webform. Anonymous leads who leave your website without signing up are lost. What if you could capture these lost leads? Salespanel helps you regain these lost opportunities by providing you information of leads who browsed your website anonymously without providing you their contact information.

Analyze a prospect’s activity history

Salespanel logs activities of all of your visitors before and after they sign up. The tracked information is visible to you from your Salespanel dashboard. Use this tracked information to understand a user’s interest and pain points and prepare your personalized sales pitch.

It only takes 1 minute to setup!

Create an account

Signup with your email. One-click signup, choose a plan later. Get instant help from support chat.

Install tracking code

Get the tracking code on the setup wizard. Install it with the help of our tutorials and plugins.

Start capturing leads

That's it. Salespanel will start identifying visiting companies. Emails will be captured and enriched.

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Segment and prioritize visitors

Segment leads based on the pages they visit and their profile information. Make rules to prioritize users who visit high intent pages on your website. For example, you can create a rule to prioritize all executive level officers from desired locations who have visited the pricing page on your website.

Receive real-time alerts when leads engage with your website

A buyer’s attention span is short. You often have limited time to close the sale before the buyer bounces off to a competitor. What can be better than striking the hammer when the iron is hot? Salespanel sends you instant alerts when a lead visits target pages on your website. Talk to these hot leads immediately and close the sale before your competitors get a hold of them.

Get information on anonymous sessions

Salespanel treats anonymous sessions the same way it treats identified sessions. Sessions of all anonymous visitors are tracked and logged. You can use this information to determine if these leads fall under your Ideal Customer Profile. When an anonymous visitor converts, Salespanel traces back the past activities of the user and connects it with the newly created contact. This helps you analyze a user’s pre-conversion engagement to understand his/her interest.

Salespanel supports 1000+ integrations via Zapier.

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