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Salesforce lead detail view with Salespanel data

Salespanel automatically connects your marketing with Salesforce CRM and update records in real-time with customer information. Use visitor intelligence to qualify and engage visitors in real-time with highly targeted content.

What is Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce is the world's #1 CRM platform. It helps different departments of your business work under one integrated CRM platform. Salespanel automatically connects your marketing with Salesforce CRM and updates records in real-time with customer information.

What can I do after integrating Salespanel with Salesforce CRM?

Automatically create records of new leads and opportunities that are captured from various marketing channels.
Send crucial data intelligence like lead score, quality score, company information, etc. along with all the activities done by a lead or account to the CRM.
Help your sales team identify purchase intent and personalize sales messages by syncing behavioral tracking data and lead scoring metrics directly to the CRM.
Sync every identified lead to Salesforce contacts automatically or selectively sync only qualified leads with help of Segments.
Automatically assign qualified leads to sales reps. Use Segments to route leads to regional salespeople and subject matter experts.
Notify your salespeople in real-time about leads as soon as they are injected into the sales pipeline or when they revisit your website.
Get quality indicators like the lead score, quality score, and lead temperature on Salesforce to help prioritize deals.
Qualify your visitors even if they have never signed up. You can engage and nurture 100% of your qualified visitors instead of just the ones who sign up with highly targeted content both within and outside of your website.
Create flexible marketing automation workflows by plugging Salespanel into your existing ecosystem. Whether you want to create a specific mailing trigger, dynamic website triggers, or an alerting process, Salespanel can help you complete your workflow.
Get B2B analytics to close the sales and marketing loop and generate meaningful reports and share them with your team.
Preview of Salesforce Integration Settings

Preview of Salesforce Integration Settings

How do I get started?

To get started with Salesforce integration, log in to your Salespanel and Salesforce accounts. From the Salesforce Integration, page, Install the Salespanel package on your Production Environment by following on-screen instructions.

Tip: You can use the sandbox environment to set up and test the integration before installing it in the production environment.

Once installed in your production environment, you can control how the integration sends and receives information from Salesforce. Go to Sync settings to configure your workflow.

You can choose if you want to sync visitors as Salesforce Leads or Salesforce Contacts.
Create new Salesforce contacts or only update the data for existing leads.
You can choose which team member to assign leads by default.
You can keep syncing lead data even after they are converted.
On Salesforce, you can configure where you want to show Salespanel data using the page layout from the Object Explorer.
Use the Salespanel data to enhance Salespanel reports.
Preview of Salesforce Integration Settings

Preview of Sync Settings for Salesforce Integration

Preview of Salesforce Integration Settings

Salesforce page layout from the Setup > Object Explorer

Customer Interview

ADvendio is an advertising management SAAS company who help publishers buy and sell ads through their platform on Salesforce. ADvendio uses Salespanel to boost sales productivity and close more deals.

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Salespanel is the perfect tool for smaller marketing organizations that don’t have internal resources to build up their own data warehouse.

It’s also vital for understanding what’s happening before someone becomes a lead when they talk to your sales team or even outside your CRM system.

Florian Frese
Marketing Lead  Container Xchange

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