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Standing Out With Video Marketing & KPIs For Success


Alex B. Sheridan from Impaxs Marketing

Standing Out With Video Marketing & KPIs For Success
Standing Out With Video Marketing & KPIs For Success

Short-form video content is everywhere. And LinkedIn is no exception! Mostly, marketers and product teams are trying their hands at the visual medium. But, how can sales teams use the medium? How should one get started? What would be the prerequisites and the KPIs? What mistakes should one avoid while starting on the journey of video content? And more importantly, how does one stand out with video marketing?

Alex B. Sheridan, Founder & CEO of Impaxs Marketing, joins us to talk about the various aspects of video marketing for predictable engagement and value generation. Alex helps companies bring their brand and story to life through creative video content. He hosts his video podcast called, ‘Brand in Demand’ and he believes that "your video content should be a 24-7 sales rep for your business."

Key Discussions:

  • Video Content for Sales
  • Prerequisites & KPIs to Start on Video Marketing
  • Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
  • Performing Consistently on LinkedIn
  • Video Creation Process for Small Businesses

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